Making Google As Default Search Engine for Linux Mint

As Linux Mint come pre-installed with Mozilla Firefox , its default search engine is set to Yahoo. Even these guys are great in providing quality results but, some of us are just into Google . There is no logical reason for it , But is the way it is..

To make Google your default search engine follow these tiny steps:-

  • Get default Google Add-on for Mozilla Firefox Here
  • You will see a dialog box like below.


click on the yellow button “+ Add to Firefox”.

  • Wait till the installation completes.
  • Once complete , A dialog box will appear asking your permissionĀ  to set Google as your default Search Engine .Just click Ok or Accept button. If thisĀ  happens forget the rest of the article,you can now perform Google search by entering the URL directly in the URL bar or Search Bar.

If this Dialog box doesn’t appear ,don’t worry we can do it manually.

Go to preferences , it can be found in EDIT menu or OPEN MENU depending upon Mozilla Firefox version.

Inside preferences, select the SEARCH tab present at the extreme left corner and change the combo box of default search engine to GOOGLE DEFAULT as shown in image below.


If you cannot find Google default option inside the combo-box , Google Add on wasn’t installed properly . Please, try again from step(bullet) one.

  • Once you have successfully completed all the above steps , close the preferences tab and start typing in the URL bar or Search bar for Google search .
  • Have a Happy Search..