Dragon Ball Super Episode 45 Review : Super Human Water History


Vegeta can see his copy version and he seems to be as powerful as the real deal. The recap of “Dragon Ball Super” (DBS) episode 45 reveals the backstory of Superhuman Water and how Gotenks tried to stop Copy-Vegeta.

The episode starts with Copy-Vegeta and Vegeta facing each other. Vegeta is angry and decides to end the fake one. However, the real Vegeta has lost all his powers to Copy-Vegeta after Superhuman Water absorbed him in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 44.

Copy-Vegeta gets ready to attack Vegeta and others, however his beam misses the target. Later, Gryll asks him to absorb Trunks. Copy-Vegeta’s hands shoot tentacles at Trunks but Jaco’s ray gun saves Trunks from getting absorbed.

The episode showcases the backstory of the Superhuman Water. The off-worlders call it Superhuman Water, however, it is called Komeson.

It was invented by the natives to defend themselves from attacks by invaders. The water could steal the powers of the opponent. However, it became too powerful and later became evil.

The water managed to kill all the invaders and at one point, it spread rumors that it can help others power up. All the residents of planet Potaufeu were absorbed and Potage was the only survivor who sealed the water until Gryll and his men unsealed it.

Back to present day, it is revealed that when the water absorbs a person, he or she will disappear in three to five minutes.

Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks decide to beat Copy-Vegeta. They transform into SS3 Gotenks and calls themselves Super Gotenks 3.

However, Super Gotenks 3 is unable to beat Copy Vegeta who is in his base form. In the meantime, Goku is training and Kaio and Goku could sense the ki of Gotenks.


Goku arrives and he is confused to see Copy-Vegeta and Vegeta. Meanwhile, Vegeta tells Goku that he has to beat the fake one in three minutes. He says that Goku cannot beat him in three minutes.

Copy Vegeta does not want to absorb Goku as he wants to fight him. However, Gryll forces him to absorb Goku and Copy-Vegeta gets angry and crushes Copy-Gryll.

The episode ends with Goku and Copy-Vegeta getting ready for the fight in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 46.


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