Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 Review : Don’t Forget Your Saiyan Pride !

In this episode of Dragon Ball Super, Cabba enters the ring to fight with Saiyan prince- the winner of previous match. After brief talk , Cabba tries to pull some punches on Vegeta ,even succeeded in giving one into the gut. In response Vegeta attack Cabba in order to know how much power he is holding.Vegeta keeps on attacking, by flipping him in the air and kicking on his back, repeatedly.


After realizing that nothing is left inside the boy, Vegeta prepares to end match with a last blow. However, Cabba comes in rage and dodges vegeta’s attack. With anger cabba’s eyes, begins to burn like fire and he finally turns into super saiyan and launches vicious punches on Vegeta followed by air-strikes making this match quite a show.

Vegeta patiently observe the saiyan power without showing him his true god form.After playing with Cabba for quite a while ,Vegeta decided to shows his blue form (so that a saiyan from other universe should know what he can become),When cabba came with full strength to punch him in the head realizing it had no effect on the opponent.


After showing him the blue form, Vegeta instantly punches him in the gut ,thereby Knocking him out. As Cabba lays in the ring unconscious , Vegeta pours some water and says,He would like to visit the Cabba’s planet.So,this match ends at a positive note.

In the preview of next episode, Vegeta in blue form initiate fight with Hit and incur some bad punches, Vegeta seems to wipe blood from his mouth, Champa is enjoying whereas , Beerus is looking anxious.

For story to Unveil, we have to wait for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super.


Making Google As Default Search Engine for Linux Mint

As Linux Mint come pre-installed with Mozilla Firefox , its default search engine is set to Yahoo. Even these guys are great in providing quality results but, some of us are just into Google . There is no logical reason for it , But ..it is the way it is..

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 Review : Final Flash And Cabba Enters

With Vegeta trapped inside glass chamber with Magetta , who is constantly generating enormous clouds of steam which  increases temperature inside the chamber, accompanied with lava blasts targeted towards his opponent.

Soon Vegeta realizes ,He has to end this match soon as he is getting out of breath.After gathering enough oxygen, Vegeta tries to end the match with a pretty decent attack but , his opponent is well prepared for air strikes. As a counter-attack Magetta attacks with a lava spit which surrounds Vegeta .However , Vegeta cut through lava with a powerful chop but , soon is attacked with a weapon made of tar and loses his balance.


Till Vegeta regains his balance, one of his feet has already touched the ground thereby shocking everybody including Beerus . After thorough inspection by Referee it was concluded that , Vegeta foot actually touched a broken piece of arena(stone) . By a miracle, he was saved.

If you’re into Dragon Ball Super, we recommend that you check out our Dragon Ball Super Section here on the blog.

But Saiyan Prince just couldn’t digest the fact that he was saved. With anger, Vegeta Power ups enough to finally break the glass dome with his Shear energy. After taking handful of fresh breaths, Vegeta prepares for FINAL FLASH . Magetta tries to defend himself but,soon realizes been standing at the edge of the stage. As he regains his balance , Vegeta punches him will full rage , thereby throwing him outside the ring .

Full of Rage

In the preview of episode 37 , After taking some blows on the face, Cabba turns super-saiyan while fighting with Vegeta , Cabba overpowers Vegeta with Air-strikes And finally, Vegeta Going all Blue..Seriously !!


Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 Review – Frost defeated and Magetta Attacks !

The story of our favourite anime series unfolds , As Frost furiously attacks Vegeta in order to kill him (rules are specially bent for this particular match), Vegeta immediatly levels up to Super Saiyan and knocks frost with a single punch throwing him outside the ring.

Lord Beerus, founds needle wound on Goku body and ask’s champa that he should be given another chance .Irony,champa accepts without arguing. Goku demands from Lord Beerus that he will go after Monaka so that he can see his true power . After bit of an argument between both , it was decided that Monaka will go last.


Meanwhile both, Champa and Vados approaches the ring and construct another dome which is square in shape but quite smaller than previous one . Rules are changed that anybody who touches the new dome will be disqualified.

Frost tries to steal treasury and escape with Champa’s spaceship(Transparent cube),However Hit notices and attacks him with strange power before he can enter the spaceship, thereby making him unconscious. Strange, Why would hit guard Champa’s spaceship? Maybe that would be given to Hit as a reward for his victory.

If you’re into Dragon Ball Super, we recommend that you check out our Dragon Ball Super Section here on the blog.

Magetta enters the ring and starts drinking bucket of molten lava-as seems to be his diet. As Magetta attacks , Vegeta realizes his opponent is fast and heavy ,and tries to dodge his attacks.


After observing that Vegeta is saving himself by flying mid air, Magetta attacks with molten lava and Vegeta protects himself by turning Super Saiyan.

With Magetta increasing his core temperature, Vegeta starts sweating due to alleviated temperature inside the dome and Whis realizes it an major drawback for Vegeta , As he is sitting on stalls while conversing with Goku.

In the preview of next Episode, Vegeta struggles to battle with Magetta and turns SS2. One thing is certain, If Vegeta ever wants to defeat Magetta, He better get ready with a plan as metal giant doesn’t respond well to punches.


‘Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 preview’ – Turn Anger into Power ! Vegeta all out Battle

In the last episode of dragon ball super, we have seen how frost was disqualified for his cheap trickery of injecting opponent with poisonous needle which make them unconscious for few seconds before experiencing last blow to defeat.Like Goku, Piccolo also felt for this cheap act of Frost, taking final blow in the chest before getting K.O.

However Vegeta and Jaco get suspicious when they saw frost using needle to win over Piccolo.After realizing that it was an act of deceit , Vegeta demanded from Picollo to fortify his stance and let him fight with frost-who was disqualified by referee and Obviously, Picollo was declared winner.

Lord Champa arguing with Lord beerus

In 0:35 sec preview of episode 35, we get glimpse of god’s of destruction arguing over some matter, Hit (another member of team universe 6) using some kind of power from outside the arena, Frost running towards vegeta with full power but suddenly getting his pupil’s widen,Vegeta going super saiyan.

If you’re into Dragon Ball Super, we recommend that you check out our Dragon Ball Super Section here on the blog.

From all this , one thing is certain,Vegeta will show no mercy to frost as there is a lot of difference between fighting style of Goku and Vegeta. Having face similar to those of frieza will sure bargain some punches from the opponent – as Vegeta overtly dislike listening to his voice.

Frost vs Vegeta

Is Vegeta going to defeat Frost or Frost have some great move down his sleeve? For this we all have to desperately wait for one more day , as episode 35 will be live on this Sunday (after one week delay), Hope this series Keeps on surprising us.