Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 Review : Book Of The Stranger

In this episode of Games Of Thrones, Sansa Stark reached Castle Black and finally meets Jon snow, who is still there and is thinking about heading towards south as he don’t trust Mens of Nights watch anymore. Ramsay Bolton sends letter to Jon Snow demanding return of his bride – Sansa Stark – otherwise he would capture Castle Black, and kill Jon Snow and his Wildling friends. This Letter also mentioned about Rickon Stark being captured by Ramsay. Sansa insist that Jon Snow must conquer Winterfell in order to end these perturbing situations altogether.


At Winterfell, Osha tries to kill Ramsay Bolton by distracting him with his feminine wiles. However, Theon Greyjoy has already told Ramsay about how she had escaped in the past with Stark children’s. So, Ramsay already knows what she is planning to do. Before she could reach for a knife to kill Ramsay, He stabs her in the throat, eventually killing her.

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Little finger seems to have complete control over Robin Arryn. He persuades Robin to help Sansa Stark by sending Knights of the Vale north as she had escaped Winterfell and might need some help.

Over Kings Landing, Cersai Lannister along with Jamie, team up with Small council in order to Bring High Sparrow down as he is looking to punish Margaery Tyrell similar to that of Cersai.

Margaery Tyrell meets his brother Loras Tyrell, who is also prisoned by the Faith, his condition seems to be much worse than Margaery as he is mentally broken by High Sparrow.


At Iron Islands, Theon Greyjoy reaches home and confronts his elder sister – Yara – who is feeling pity about the current condition of Theon as he refused to escape from Winterfell which cost her few fighters. Theon wishes Yara to be the king of Iron Islands, after he is questioned for motives behind his return.

At Meereen, Tyrion offers a peaceful deal to Masters of Astapor and Yunkai which states that, they will stop slavery completely till the end of seven years, in addition to halting funds for Sons of Harpy. In return, state would compensate for their losses and will provide a feasible plan for earnings. Both Grey Worm and Missandei, seems dejected while negotiating with the Masters.

tyrion 2

Jorah and Daario finally track Daenary down to Vaes Dothrak, where she is about to find out if the Dothraki are going to hold her prisoner for rest of her life with the Dosh Khaleen, or if they’re going to have her killed in one of a variety of gruesome ways.

When the leaders of all the Dothraki hoards are in one huge tent with her, deciding on her fate, she bluntly tells them: “You are small men. None of you are fit to lead the Dothraki. But I am.”


Then she knocks over the flaming braziers and burns the place to the ground with all of them inside. She’s not harmed though. We know from season one and the birth of her dragons that she doesn’t get hurt by fire. And as she steps naked from the inferno, all of the Dothraki fall to their knees.

In the preview of next Episode, we get a glimpse of Bran among White Walkers, decision regarding the King of Iron Islands and much more. So, Stay Tuned for recent updates.