Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Review : Hold The Door

In the recent episode of Game Of Thrones, The childhood of Hodor is revealed as Three eyed Raven visits past with Bran in order to reveal why Hodor act like an disabled person.

In the deep North, Bran wargs individually to an unknown location where he founds an army of white walker commanded by their Masters. As he was wandering the territory, one the master see’s him and holds his arm. Bran shouts in pain and is brought back to normal by Meera. Three Eyed Raven commands Bran to leave as White walkers has known his location and would soon be coming after him. While Meera and Hodor is getting ready, Three Eyed Raven and Bran wargs to Winterfell when Hodor was young and normal. Soon after that, White Walkers attack the tree where all of them are hiding (Bran,Meera,Hodor) and Children’s of forest assist them to fight against the white army – Bran and Three Eyed Raven are still warging. Being less in number, Children’s of forest start falling and Bran lost his wolf -summer- to the white walkers. Hodor grab Bran’s cart and start running towards the back door along with Meera. Last Children of Forest died protecting Bran. King of White Walkers kills Three Eyed Raven, whom is sitting on his throne warging.


As Bran is still warging he observe, Three Eyed Raven disappeared into dust – synonym of being killed. Bran continue looking towards the young Hodor as he see something special happening there. On reaching the back door, Meera repeatedly requests Hodor to “Hold the Door” so she can escape with the Bran into the Fog. Hodor keeps on repeating the sentence “Hold the Door” which leads to concussion to Young Hodor as he was listening to Meeren voice which was coming from the future. As a result, He ended up repeating same sentence throughout his lifetime. In the act of saving Bran Life, Hodor sacrificed his life by holding the door till White Walkers cut him into pieces.

In this episode it is revealed that, Children Of Forest were the once who initially made white walkers to protect the cutting of trees by the humans, by stabbing humans with a stone which turns them into white walker.


At the Winterfell, LittleFinger pays visit to Sansa Stark and apologies for marrying her to Ramsay Bolton, and offers the support of his army to fight against Bolton. As Sansa has gone through a lot now she have trust issues with LittleFinger and even with Jon Snow, to whom she lied blatantly after he asked question associated with her knowledge of Riverland.

At the Freeland of Braavos, Arya Stark takes another beating session from Waif, this time with ruthless punches. Faceless Man gives Arya another mission to kill a lady who works in a theater, which is based upon the events of Kings Landing been recreated in a funny way.

Jorah finally proposes Daenerys about his feelings and tells, how his life purpose is to selflessly serve her. Jorah even told Daenerys, that he would soon become a stone-man, to which she commands him to find cure of the disease.


In Meeren, situation seems to be under control as there was no tragic event reported associated with the involvement of Sons of Harpy. The deal with Masters has brought peace in the city for now but Varys became distressed after meeting another Black-magic-woman Kinvara who reveals the past of Varys – How he was mutated. Kinvara seems to support the vision of Daenerys and speaks dailogues similar to Melisandre to with Varys is suspicious as it doesn’t brought good for Stannis.

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Theon supports Yara for his claim of Iron Islands as she has fought numerous fights and has more experience as compared to him. Suddenly, Euron appears from nowhere and claims the Throne, and manipulates everybody that he has more experience of sea as he had wandered whole world and promises to capture Iron Throne by marrying Daenerys, who has the army to bring Lannister’s down. Priest starts the ritual to decide the next king of Iron Island, Meanwhile Yara and Theon escapes the Iron Island with their fleet as they know Euron will kill them once he became the king as he had already killed their father. Euron commands to built 1000 ships after becoming the new king of Iron Island.

In the preview of Episode 6, High sparrow face Tyrell’s army, Margery Atonement, Meera and Bran struggles for survival, Cersai in revenge mode. It would be interesting to see fight between Faith and Lannister-Tyrell army, hope we get a glimpse of Mountain.