Dragon Ball Super Episode 46 Review : Vegeta Saved By Monaka

Vegeta does not have time as he would disintegrate/vanish if Goku fails to beat Copy Vegeta. “Dragon Ball Super” episode 46 marks the conclusion of the fillers and showcases shots from the upcoming Future Trunks arc.

The episode begins with Goku and Copy Vegeta powering up mid-air and start the fight. Meanwhile, both Copy Vegeta and Vegeta make fun of Goku for being weak.

Later, Goku uses the short teleportation technique to dodge the attacks. Elsewhere, when Goku attacks the opponent, Vegeta takes a shot at Copy Vegeta for not being able to dodge the attack.

Trunks and Goten are worried about Vegeta and Trunks scream at Goku to finish the fake one. Potage gives the pacifier to Vegeta and says that by using it, he will have more time. Jaco finds it funny and takes out his camera to click Vegeta’s picture with the pacifier in his mouth. Unfortunately, the battery in his camera has died.

Later, Potage explains that by destroying the nucleus of Superhuman Water they can beat it. Trunks asks why Potage did not reveal this before.

Potage, Trunks, Goten and Jaco go after the Superhuman Water. Meanwhile, Goku and transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form and to everyone’s surprise, Copy Vegeta also transforms into the SSB form.

They continue to battle. Later, the Superhuman Water tries to go after Trunks and Vegeta tries to save him by fusing himself with the water. It is a heart-warming scene and at one point it looks like Vegeta will die.


However, Monaka, accidently, steps on the nucleus of the Superhuman Water and defeats it. Goku ends the battle with a massive beam attack and Copy Vegeta perishes.

Goku is convinced that Monaka is a strong being. Towards the end of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 46, we see shots of Future Trunks running. The new arc begins next week on “Dragon Ball Super.”



Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 Review : The Conclusion At Last! Is Beerus the Winner? Or Is It Champa?

In previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, we have seen Goku using kameha against Hit and episode ends at massive explosion. This explosion tears down the doom ,which is reconstructed by both Vados and Whis thereby preventing the audience from getting blown into the outer space. When the dust cloud evades, it is observed that Hit has successfully evaded the attack and has improved his technique drastically and simultaneously injuring Goku’s left arm with a devastating punch.

Meanwhile, Champa says that fighters are just pawns in his fight against Beerus, Which both Hit and Goku listened , and agreed to show them they are more than just pawns.

Both of the fighter powers up and move towards each other to attack , but Hit’s improved time-leap technique is far beyond Kaio-kaen which Goku realized after taking soul breaking punches from Hit. Goku falls from mid air experiencing intense pain, suddenly Goku regains his Kaio-Kain form and punches Hit in the face which consequently results in Hit being buried inside the concrete poster of Champa’s face.

Both of the fighters are out of strength and take deep breaths. Then Goku ask a favor from Beerus to end the rule of taking life of the opponent , this modification leads to grudge between Beerus and champa as this decision will be beneficial for Hit (Being an assasin). Goku’s reason behind this request was that, he knows Hit is holding back his true strength and will not be able to fight unless this rule exists.

Beerus and Champa grudge took quit a while, to end that grudge Goku steps outside the ring by saying to Hit that he will fight with him in future where these rules wouldn’t be there to stop Hit showing his true power. So, this match ends with Hit being the winner.


With a shocking manner, everybody see’s that Goku has surrendered the match. Beerus raged with Goku decision ask him for justification, which was answered with – “I wouldn’t able to hold Kaio-Kain form for too long and we have Monaka which is way more stronger than me”, Piccolo being sitting near Beerus refuses to unveil the Monaka’s truth and kept his mouth shut.

Monaka gets ready for fight with his shivering legs looking towards Mighty and Deadly Hit. Monaka being scared as hell, jumps into the ring landing on his head and getting compliment from Goku of being unpredictable. With sweat on his face and a big snort hanging from his nose, Monaka begins fight with Hit and lands a punch on his thigh. Nothing happens for few moments,Suddenly Hit intentionally throws himself out of ring , eventually devising Monaka as the winner.


Champa being angry with losing the tournament decides to kill universe 6 members. Vados interrupts Champa to look towards three strangers, both Champa and Beerus get shocked after looking at them. Who are they? for that we have to wait until next episode of Dragon ball Super.

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In the preview of next episode, Strangers identity revealed , wish from Super Dragon and fate of universe 6 team will be revealed , till then Goodbye.